Strength Training Plans 

There are 5 exercises. Each exercise is in a column (5 columns). The top box in the column is the starting position, followed by the active position, followed by the amount of time to hold the exercise/ # of repetitions to do each exercise within that set.   You may be wondering what a "set" is. In the case of this workout we are going through each of these exercises 4 times so we are doing 4 "sets" of each exercise. In the case of Exercise #2 (the Bridge) you will be doing 4 sets of 15 repetitions (reps) by the time you are done with the workout.

Helpful thoughts...

  • The stronger your muscles are surrounding a joint the less pressure/pounding your joints will take.
  • It helps to maintain balance between muscle groups (if you're just running, then your quads will develop much quicker than your hamstrings putting you at greater risk for injury)
  • The stronger you are the longer and faster you can run without muscle fatigue.

(Lisa McElrath, Akron Marathon Operations Director)

strength training 1

strength training 2

Strength training 3

Strength training 4

Strength training 5

Strength training 6